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Pilates Plus is a Lagree Fitness™studio that offers a new and innovative workout taught on the Megaformer ™specifically designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely. This workout is largely based on the holistic principles of Pilates but also emphasizes the strength training and cardio elements not inherent to Pilates to achieve muscle definition faster than traditional Pilates and/or weight training alone. All in just 50 minutes!

It depends on your current fitness level. The workout is intense and challenging but the instructors are there to lead you through class, always offering modifications for different fitness levels and/or ailments. However, if you have any chronic pain, or a severe medical condition, it is recommended to take a private session first to assess your fitness level, as well as help you learn some modifications you can take with you to use in the group classes. We also offer a Form & Technique Class on the schedule once a week, which is always a good option whether you are a newbie or a seasoned member!

  • Positive attitude and great energy!
  • TREADSOCKS are MANDATORY (or any kind of socks that have rubber grips) they must be worn during class to keep the environment sanitary and help you grip on the equipment.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes that allow you to stretch and your skin to breathe. Jewelry is NOT a good idea.
  • No cell phones during classes.
  • No strong perfumes or lotions as some students are allergic and the lotions may cause you to slip.
  • We provide the Alkaline Water…just bring your bottle!
  • For your convenience, treadsocks, towels and water bottles are available for purchase at the studio.
  • Your credit card is on file, so cash/credit/check is not necessary to bring unless you prefer not to make your payment online. Please understand that no classes can be confirmed if you’re not prepaid.

We have an easy to use and extremely secure software system to assist you in reserving a session. Check out our automated online booking system here. It is the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way to book classes. Simply create a user name and password, and use it to schedule, purchase and track your visit history. If you forgot your password or need more information, just send us an email. It is always best to reserve your session online to guarantee you have a Megaformer™ available. We also have a MOBILE APP for iphones and droids you can download by searching “Pilates Plus OC” in the app store on your phone! Our members LOVE it!

The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue at which point you need to rest. Depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need more or less time to recover. We recommend 3 to 4 times a week to allow your body to properly recover and repair, but some students love the workout so much that they come 5 or 6 times a week. The key is to listen to your body and find a routine that works best for you!

Yes, even if it’s your first time. We require a 12hr notice before making any kind of changes to your schedule. The same rules apply to any specials not purchased through the studio. All Members will be charged the following:

$25 per NO SHOW: when you sign up and don’t show up or if you cancel within 2 hrs of class start time.

$15 per LATE CANCEL: when you cancel within 12 hrs of class start time (must be done at least 2 hrs prior to class start time).

If you are on a class package or weekly membership you will be charged the above fees and your class will be returned to your account to be used within 28 days. There are no exceptions, so please don’t ask! Cancellations must be made through the app or online and not via voicemail or email.

Yes. We ask that you arrive on time in an effort to respect other clients. Often times, clients will drop in to see if someone doesn’t show allowing them a space in the class. If you do not arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled class time, your space may be given to someone who is waiting. Be sure to sign in to class so we know you were present!

Definitely and we recommend doing so! Not only will you have better luck getting into a class, it also helps us know where we need to add classes. Get on the list by clicking “Sign Up Now!” when a class reads “10 Reserved, 0 Open”. You will then be AUTOMATICALLY CONFIRMED via email once a spot becomes available at least 12 hours before class.  If a spot becomes available less than 12 hours before class, it is a first come first served basis. We recommend at this point to check back on our online scheduler for an available spot and snatch it up!


I started going to Pilates years ago but felt I also needed to supplement with cardio to achieve the wight loss results I desired. When I found Pilates Plus all my dreams came true as I no longer needed more than this amazing 50 min workout! Thank you PPOC I look forward to my class each time!


As a male client at first I was intimidated by the word Pilates as I assumed it was for females only. this has changed my life increased my tennis and surfing performance and improved my posture. I have no idea what I would do without Pilates Plus. All the instructors are great happy and eager to help!


My life is now complete. The music the machines the feeling i have when I walk in. I  lost 18 lbs in my 1st 6 months and have become stronger and unlike other workouts and diet plans I have kept it off. They really put the PLUS in Pilates here.

Tiffany Cornell, PPOC LIFER

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